Band Members & The players on the California Western Recording...

Band Members

Alex Smith(aka Catfish) Guitar, Harmonica, & Vocals 

Andy Angel - Drums & Vocals

Braden Scott - Bass, Guitar & Vocals

Kurt Hamlin - Lap Steele Guitar,& Vocals


California Western Recording

(Guitar)  William P. Baur 

Songs : All 


(Piano/Organ)  Mark Jackson

Songs : All 


(Drums/Percussion)  Raul R.

Songs : All


(Writer)  Bryan Shoemaker

 Songs : Raise Your Glass - Hold on

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(Fiddle/Violin)  Ben Owen

Songs : Porch


(Bass)  Mike Cordray

Songs : Hold on


(Bass)  Rob Glass   

 Songs : 8 Track Jones

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(Slide Guitar/Banjo)  Mauro Clerici 

Songs : Porch


(Bass)  George Schiessl  

Songs : Porch


(Bass)  Paul Willis

Songs : Raise Your Glass

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(BV/Vocals)  Jimmy Trainor 

Songs : Porch


(Engineering/Mixing)  Fabian Adam

Songs : 8 Track Jones